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What is Rebounding? It is perhaps the most effective and efficient form of exercise because you’re working every single cell, muscle, and joint, in your body. Even your organs get a workout.

It’s nothing more than acceleration and deceleration. Think of a rocket ship (how apropos!) accelerating vertically, and then coming down. Remember when you were a baby, holding onto the rail of your crib and bouncing up and down? Little did you know you were rebounding, and creating a “G-Force” load that was making you stronger, even at so young an age.

The most common vehicle for rebounding is a mini-trampoline, known as a Rebounder. There are also other great ways to rebound, of which one of my favorites is rebounding shoes, or Kangoo Jumps. You can find out more about these products on the products page of this site.

When you rebound, it’s at the bottom of the bounce where you get the greatest impact because you create a G-Force, or gravitational force. In other words, you create opposition, or resistance. Like lifting weights, it is the resistance that builds strength and muscle. Just as in life, when you face resistance and power through, you build emotional muscle and strength.

Why is it so important? Because as most people get older, they don’t exercise. And so the aging process begins, and may even accelerate. That’s where rebounding can play a critical role. It strengthens tissues, ligaments, bones, tendons and skin. You work body parts you may not have worked in years. It prevents conditions such as Osteoporosis and can dramatically reduce the likelihood of getting cancer, or help minimize it considerably.

Perhaps the most important of the many benefits of rebounding is Cellular Health. And the environment in which your cells reside is the Lymphatic System, sometimes known as your body’s sewage system. You have three times more lymph fluid than blood. The challenge is, unlike your circulatory system which has a pump known as your heart, there is no pump for the Lymphatic System. There must be an external source to activate it. And it is comprised of trillions of one-way valves that must be opened and closed, in order to move the toxins out of your body. How important is it? A build up of toxicity could cause death within 24 hours.

So when you rebound, at the bottom of the bounce, the valves close. As you project upward, the valves open and the fluid moves to the next chamber. Think of a hydraulic system, creating a pump action and flushing out the cellular trash. It drains excess fluid e.g., if you are bloated from excessive salt intake. It eliminates large particles of dead cells as well as excess protein, bacteria and other toxic matter.

AND, your Cellular System is where your nutrients are absorbed. You can take all the nutrients and supplements you want, but if your cells are clogged with toxic matter, then the nutrients have nowhere to go, and are just flushed out of our body. So all the money you may have spent has been wasted. Cellular health is the foundation to achieving that Energy Edge. Find out more with The Enroc Method. (click here)

I have been rebounding for over 30 years and have first hand experience of the many benefits of rebound exercise, which include:

  • Strengthens the heart and other muscles in your body so they work more efficiently.
  • Circulates more oxygen to the tissues.
  • Offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pains caused by lack of exercise.
  • Enhances digestion and the elimination process.
  • Results in better mental performance, with keener learning processes.
  • Minimizes the number of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances, and abdominal problems.
  • Protects the joints from chronic fatigue experienced by exercising on hard surfaces.
  • Helps in the recovery of injuries.
  • Allows people with physical impairments, or the elderly, the ability to exercise.
  • Develops balance, coordination, rhythm, timing and kinesthetic awareness while building muscle and strength.
  • Stops the progression of Osteoporosis.
  • Exercises every single cell, joint, muscle, ligament, tissue, bone and tendon in your body.
  • Reverses the Biological Markers of aging (reverses the aging process).
  • Promotes weight loss by turning your cells into fat burners.

And much, much more!

So don’t waste any more time… make a decision to focus on your health by making it number one. Start exercising and I encourage you to utilize some form of rebounding. I recommend a ReboundAir Rebounder or Kangoo Jumps rebounding shoes.  Other options are sitting on a Pilates Ball and just bouncing up and down. There is also a chair similar to what babies use who are learning to walk. If you want more cost-efficient methods in the interim, jump rope, or be a kid again and jump on your bed!

To order your ReboundAir Rebounder or Kangoo Jumps rebounding shoes now, or for rebounding tips and questions, contact me today!

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