Comprehensive transcription and manual writing services.

Kontent Kapture

Are you a presenter or other business professional who believes in a consistent pattern of improvement?

If you are, one of the most effective tools is a written record of the actual content you have presented. By seeing your words in written form, you can take your skills and delivery to a higher level! Paying attention to the details makes the difference between mediocrity and being a world-class performer or business professional.

Transcript Services

One of the most effective vehicles is through transcripts of your work.

I specialize in, though am not limited to, capturing content of live events. I will produce comprehensive transcripts of your event. If you need close to real time capture (e.g., for daily backtracks or for setting up for the rest of the day’s content) I can capture on site during the event, or post-event from a digital recording.

Services also include transcripts of teleconferences, tele-seminars, book material, and any audio recordings. I have captured and transcribed content for Anthony Robbins and for corporate management meetings for almost fifteen years.

Manual Writing Services

If you are a business owner or manager, or producer of events, a valuable tool is the availability of a written document that can include standardized operating procedures and guidelines to ensure consistency and in the interest of saving time. It is also an ideal tool for training purposes for members of your staff who are ramping up and are in learning mode.

The process for capturing is comprehensive and detailed based on your requirements. It includes:

  • An initial orientation of your business to understand your culture and capture needs.
  • Interviews with key people as part of the capture process. For live events, it can include on-site interviews and capture of the event, production set up, etc.
  • Writing of the manual based on interviews and live event analysis.
  • Rough draft submission for review of accuracy and edits.
  • Presentation of final copy.

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