Introducing the EnRoc Method - Achieve the Energy Edge!

Introducing the EnRoc Method

I am thrilled to share an overview of an innovative life transformation technology that integrates and articulates what I have been practicing for decades in order to achieve my “Energy Edge.” I call it the EnRoc Method, short for The Energy Rocket Method.  Let me walk you through the process…

If you look at the heart graphic, go to the right of the Energy Epicenter.

To view full-size, click on the image above! To view full-size, click on the image above!

Start with Cellular Fitness (CF) to lay the foundation for sustaining vibrancy and energy.  A key factor is Rebound Exercise.

Follow the lightning bolt down to Physical Fitness (PF). When you are healthy internally, you start to eliminate toxins, fats and other unwanted weight. Then you can focus on strength and conditioning. You will not only feel your best, you will look your best and have a powerful presence that is sure to make heads turn!

Follow the lightning bolt down to Reversing the Aging Process, which is Cellular Fitness coupled with Physical Fitness (CF + PF). Now you can begin to reverse the biological markers of aging, such as blood pressure, bone density, the ability to burn fat or your metabolic rate, aerobic capacity, cholesterol, vision, immune function, and much more!

Now wrap around the Epicenter to Emotional Fitness (EF). It is time to shift your focus from the physical to your brain, or emotions, in order to balance your life. There are daily practices that you can do, such as rebounding while focusing on a Treasure Map/Dream Board, or do what I call an Emotional Self-Love Flood, to bring you to your center. These practices will enable you to handle adversity.  To take on whatever comes your way… you name it.  And you will be able to do it with grace and in the essence of calm and centeredness so that you can accomplish all you desire.

It is also a time where I incant my Identity Statement, and affirm who I am:

I am a strong, powerful, playful, peaceful, patient, loving, abundance creating Energy Rocket, who takes Quantum Leaps with confidence and certainty!

And finally, to complete your total life package, is Spiritual Harmony (SH). This is where your life becomes truly fulfilling. It may not necessarily be religious per se, but a Belief System. I personally pray to God, and there may be another higher being that guides you. In addition to daily prayers, I express my gratitude, gratitude being the antidote to fear.

So just envision what your life would be like if you had a resurgence of energy, and could access it whenever you needed it. Imagine your physique being sculpted and people doing a double take whenever they feel and see your presence. What would it feel like, knowing you can take on anything that comes your way … with confidence, elegance, grace and respect?  And how peaceful would you feel knowing there is a guiding force with you at all times; a spirit that loves and cares for you no matter what?

This is the EnRoc Method. This is the essence of life itself. Join me as I help you on your personal, customized journey to achieving The Energy Edge.

Get ready to Amp Your Body, Mind, Soul…and Up Your Game!

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