So what and who exactly is the Energy Rocket?

About The Energy Rocket

Margaret Irving, aka “The Energy Rocket,” is the embodiment of pure energy. The stuff that allows you to go after your dreams.  She is also the creatrix of the new life transformation technology, The EnRoc Method.   Her mission is:

To inspire others to raise their Energy Level so they can fulfill their Life’s dreams.

Margaret is the Chief “Energy” Officer of Jump California, a division of Hautespott Enterprises.  She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and a two-time World, two-time North American, and one time U.S. Bench Press Champion, with a personal best of 230 pounds.  She is training to set a new record in Bench Press, and to become a champion in Dead Lift.   She is also an expert Reboundologist, and has been an advocate of the benefits of Rebound Exercise for 30+ years.

She has appeared on CNN-FN, AM Northwest, Community Television, TV ads and radio, sharing the benefits of rebound exercise. She has worked with world renown peak performance and breakthrough coach, Anthony Robbins, for whom she has served as his Personal Assistant, Main Room Manager and Crew Director. She has also had the privilege of working with prominent presenters and leaders such as Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Rev. Michael Beckwith,  John Assaraf, Brendon Burchard, Chet Holmes and Dolf de Roos.

Her business savvy stems from 25+ years in corporate management. She has inspired people all over the world with her high energy, interactive, and impactful presentations that have touched and inspired people to take quantum leaps through health and fitness.  Without a peak level of Energy and Vitality, she would not have been able to accomplish what she has thus far.  And there is much, much, more to come, because she believes in maximizing her life to achieve massive results and fulfillment.

Hence the moniker, The Energy Rocket.

“I invite you to join me in my mission. And if I am able to touch your life in some way, to help you realize and fulfill your dreams, then I will have attained my life’s mission.  I believe that we are all here on Earth for a purpose much larger than ourselves.  And we should all push beyond our comfort levels, take Quantum Leaps and step into our greatness.”

Let’s work together so that we can all share our gifts and a make a difference on a global scale.

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